Sunday, March 13, 2011

what lessons have we really learned?

Forgive me for making comparisons:
As we sit in this village meeting, I look round at all these people and faces in such a small space.  Who chose to meet here, and like this??! We’re crammed into this box room, its heating up, and there are so many people that wall and floor have disappeared and I resort to looking at the ceiling.  I’m somehow led to think of the diagrams of the slave ships, with all the bodies crammed together.  Didn’t we get past this stage in history? Really?! There isn’t much difference in the configuration here, just the context has changed – and this one is self-imposed!  Similarly, I’m sure if you diagramed a ‘typical’ African bus or taxi nowadays, some people would be even more appalled at the tight, stifling conditions:  bodies sitting on-top of each other, sideways, and the like, for hours, and sometimes days on end --  Allah, Jesus, the great spirits, somebody help us! The conditions humans can consent to live with.  Hmmm….anyway, back to this meeting.

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