Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ode to the Mamba

The kids scream ‘snake’
and we run closer to investigate, as they scatter
our curiosity is hidden behind rocks
we wait, and go back to resting on the trees.
“Snake” the kids scream again
and we arrive at the scene quicker,
to no avail
our friend is a master of the nooks and crannies
but at last we spot him,
and how could we have missed?
flamboyant lime green ribbon, snaking through the undergrowth
the kids stand high and far, and we approach
the green mamba is captivating and beautiful
yet we are warned to stay back.
sliding along on his own path, not bothering those at play,
gracefully, slowly, back forth back forth-
he then turns and looks
what does he smell, what does he see? I want to ask
but it’s too late.
I protest the barrage of rocks, but the kids have taken matters into their own hands
Relieving us needlessly of another one of nature’s innocents.

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