Sunday, November 21, 2010


Young Mohamed (20) is out thrashing the rice stalks in an early 90's brightly patterned, multicolored windbreaker, complimented by a pair of black with neon bike gloves. Love it.  He raises two bamboo poles high above his head and whacks the rice stalks like crazy to get the rice to fall off, and simultaneously kicks the stalks around so that he's hitting them in different places. Sweat is dripping off his brow, its quite a workout.  I tell him that if he's mad at anyone, he is getting his agression out now ! But I make no cheaky comments about his stylish gear. He's always so sweat with a big smile on his face, I wouldn't want to change his innocnet ways. Thrash on !
    I go back home and play guitar, the wind blows my mind. Me and the little birds are singing our song ~

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